NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) people, including eight firefighters, suffered minor injuries after a four alarm fire ripped through a six story Queens residential building Tuesday night, officials said.
lady husband was dragging him because he a double amputee, and pretty much, I picked him up and got him out because smoke consumed him quick, said Pablo Herran, who was on third floor next to the apartment where he believes the fire began.
Officials said the building is not fire proofed, so the flames flared up quickly. Four of the apartments were so badly damaged that it could take weeks before their tenants can return. Other residents were expected to be back in their homes around midnight.
today did a fantastic job, extinguishing four apartments on fire, said Charles Clarke, deputy fire chief. is a non fireproof building, and there a lot of collapse inside the building. They were able to keep it to that line of apartments. injured were taken to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center and North Shore University Hospital.
A spokesman for the American Red Cross said disaster responders were on scene helping those affected obtain food, blankets and emergency housing.
The fire department will investigate to determine what caused the blaze. and its relevant subsidiaries. Used under license. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The Associated Press contributed to this report.)Most Relevant Philosophy TodayWith the increasing focus on the construction of environmentally friendly homes, feng shui is most relevant today as it is based on harmonizing a space with nature and attracting positivity from this process.
The services of a feng shui consultant can bring the much needed harmony your home needs, thereby, enhancing your health, wealth, and relationships. The practice of feng shui has gained a lot of momentum in the last decade, and with it, so has the rise of ‘professionals’ who claim to be ‘experts’ in it. Masters of this art say that anyone can call themselves an expert after reading a book or two on the subject; but that is certainly not enough.
Feng shui is not applicable in the same way to everyone. It makes a connection between the space one resides in, their date of birth, and their personality characteristics, and offers solutions based on the combination of these. These solutions may include changing the furniture placement of a room, placement of certain items in particular directions, changing the aesthetics of a room, or placing a certain kind of spiritual element in the same. Hence, while the basics may be the same, the application of these basics differs from person to person and residence to residence. So, if you think that you are one of those people who can apply the principles of this practice on your own merely by reading up on the subject, be careful, because wrong feng shui can be more harmful than no feng shui at all. In such a case, hiring a consultant would be wiser. Here’s a process you can follow to zero in on someone who can genuinely help you.
Things to Consider While Hiring a Feng Shui Consultant
When I made the choice of applying feng shui practices to my life, I was lucky to get introduced to an excellent professional. However, consider the fact that several individuals are capable of offering bogus services to people. I have heard stories of such situations and the repercussions of such flawed liaisons. So, let’s begin with how you should start, what you should look for, and how you should go about the process.
Familiarize Yourself with the Field
It is always good to have basic knowledge of the field you are going to hire a consultant for. This enables you to ask questions that go beyond charges and other criteria. So, read up a little about it, such as the fact that there are different schools of feng shui; for example, the traditional school and the modern western school. You can then ask your consultant which school does he/she follow, and how and why it is beneficial.
Though it may be unlikely that people know someone who is a good feng shui consultant, there is no harm in asking around for the same. You never know how contacts work. A lot of experts advertise themselves, and you could go through their websites to check for their work and the testimonials they have received. However, if you’re having a hard time trusting them, use the International Feng Shui Guild, a global organization that can help you find a professional, or look for someone who belongs to an organization of accredited consultants.
Ask for references: The decision to hire a feng shui consultant is an expensive one, but if you’re going to spend money, you definitely have the liberty to ask him/her for a few authentic references who can tell you exactly how helpful the consultants have been.
Sense their vibe: If you believe in feng shui, you must believe in the fact that every individual emits a certain type of vibe. What kind of vibe do you get from this person? Is it positive? The reason I keep returning to my consultant is because a sense of calm overpowers me every time I meet her, and that eliminates a lot of the negativity I unknowingly harbor.
Check their credentials: While there is no world class feng shui training school and people can very well print their ‘certificate’ at home, there are ways to verify their credentials. Usually, individuals who belong to accredited organizations have their credentials verified before they are accepted as members. The learning of feng shui is a lifelong process, and professionals are trained by masters to implement its practices. Professionals are also expected to follow the lifestyle that feng shui propagates.
Ask about their solutions: Genuine consultants will always have alternative solutions for your problem. They’re not the ‘my way or the highway’ kind of consultants. So, if you are not comfortable with a type of solution or are unable to implement it for a particular reason, they will help you do the best you can with all these limitations.
Here’s a checklist you can refer to when talking to them, before you hire them.
Where and from whom have you received training?
How many years have you practiced as a consultant?
Which school of thought do you follow? Do you use a combination of different schools of thought to offer solutions?
How will your process benefit me? (Try to obtain as much clarity with this question as you can. If the consultant can crisply explain the power of feng shui and its benefit for you, (s)he’s definitely one to trust.)
What is your consultation process? (Will they directly come home or will they meet in a neutral place first?)
What does the consultation include?
What wholesale jerseys is the duration of consultation? (Certain number of meetings, visits to site, etc.)
How much time will the process take? How extensive is it? (The application of feng shui is evolutionary in nature, changing with the requirements of the individual and the situation. So, find out whether it will be ongoing or will stop after a certain amount of results have been achieved.)
Can you provide consultation just by reading floor plans? (Some consultants are unable to offer solutions without visiting a ready space/structure.)
Is it imperative for my entire family to be present during consultation?
What are your charges? Are they negotiable?
Can I have references of your previous clients?
Do keep in mind that the success of feng shui largely depends on your own beliefs as much as it does on the efficiency of your consultant. Even then, in some cases, it cannot guarantee 100% success as there are several other aspects of life that are beyond human control. It can only improve conditions to a certain extent. Always be open to this thought, and do not believe anyone who ‘guarantees’ 100% results with the application of feng shui. Also, remember that every consultant’s working style is different, so nothing is wholesale nfl jerseys black and white. They may follow a multitude of methods and still be able to help you successfully. Bearing all these in mind, approach a consultant with a positive attitude, and allow him to help you overcome your doubts and fears about this practice.For years, colored contacts have been used by models, actresses, and actors to enhance the color of their eyes or change the color. Today, wearing cosmetic contact lenses such as colored contacts are very fashionable. These contacts have now become a fashion accessory. If you are considering contact lenses as a beauty tool, the following is a guide on cosmetic contact lenses.
Visit an Eye Care Professional
If you are considering cosmetic contact lenses, you should first consult with an eye care professional before using cosmetic contact lenses. An optician will be able to assess whether you are suited for a particular type of contact lens. It will also ensure that you do not have any vision conditions that could be negatively impacted by wearing a certain type of contact lens. You will be able to get a complete eye exam and fitting for contact lenses. As well, if needed, you will get a prescription for the contact lens so your sight is maintained when you wear the cosmetic contact lenses.
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Popular Types of Cosmetic Contact Lenses
The two popular types of cosmetic contact lenses are Gas Permeable Lenses and Soft Contact Lenses. Gas Permeable Contact lenses do not contain a water component but provide high oxygen through the lens. These lenses are used for correcting high refractive errors. Soft Contact Lenses are used to correct near sightedness, far sightedness and astigmatism. These lenses are moist, flexible, and the diameter is larger than the cornea. There are also different types of Colored Contact Lenses available. The center of a colored contact lens is clear. This permits the pupil unfiltered access to images and light. The surrounding part of the contact contains the color.
When wearing opaque color contacts, dark eyes will become lighter. You can even change the color of your eye when wearing a different color contact lens. People will change the color of their eyes for many reasons. They can include: wearing them for a special event such as a prom, complement one’s wardrobe, going to a trendy night club, or just to make a fun change.
Buying Cosmetic Contact Lenses
When buying cosmetic contact lenses, it is always wise to buy them from a reputable manufacturer. The best place to get quality cosmetic contacts from a reputable manufacturer is to buy them from an online contact lens retailer. When you buy from a reputable and established online contact lens retailer, you will have access to a wide range of contact lenses at greatly discounted prices. The contacts available include the top brand name contact lens manufacturers. All that you need is a valid prescription or proper fitting if they are non prescription at the time you place your order.
If you want to give your eyes an added splash of color or lighten or darken them, cosmetic color contacts are the best choice. Using enhancement tints in contact lenses capture the natural color of the eye while adding a splash of extra color. If you want a drastic color change or color enhancement, contact lenses are the ideal choice. Today, cosmetic contact lenses such as colored contact lenses have become their own niche fashion industry.
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