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close this windowyou’ll need to login or register to do thatcreate a new accountall it takes is a username and password.I had a real big surprise a couple of weeks ago in one of my classes. You do a lot more than teach English when you teach EFL. One common theme that comes up in every class is how the attitude about time differs from one culture to another.
The Germans are proud of being punctual. You’ve probably heard about that if you’ve ever visited Germany. And you’ve probably been driven crazy by the obsession with punctuality if you’re married or partnered to a German as I am.
If you ask a German student to describe his visit to a museum, he starts with what time he got there, how long he had to wait in line, how much the tickets cost and if they were worth it, how long he spent looking at the exhibit, etc. If you ask an Italian, Spanish or French student to describe his visit to a museum, he starts with what the architecture looked like and how many beautiful women were waiting outside. Then he will talk about the food he ate. He will cover everything except the exhibit itself.
(Yes, I know these are stereotypes, but humor me, OK?)
So I had a nice German man in one of my classes a few weeks ago. He was pretty quiet but when he spoke, it was usually something clever and/or funny. We talked about the usual cultural time differences and I said that in America, it was acceptable even expected that guests would be about five to ten minutes late. However, 20 minutes late for something was generally unacceptable.
The next day on my way to class, I had to stop for a minute or two at the school office. I had been in the class earlier and put down my things so that the students would know I was already there.
When I got to class, the German guy picked up my alarm clock that I keep on my desk and said, « You’re 20 minutes late. I thought that’s not acceptable. »
I grabbed the clock from him and protested that it couldn’t be that late. Could it? But that’s what the clock said.
I asked a female student from Italy to see her watch and she said she didn’t have one. So I apologized and started off the class very flustered and confused. I could see a tiny smile breaking out on this German guy’s face.
So I snatched the wrist of an Italian student sitting near me and looked at his watch. Sure enough, my clock had been turned ahead 20 minutes.
Well, the class was in an uproar and I really had to give them credit for tricking me like that. Please check out my e book The Diary of an American Expatriate, published by AUK in London, and available on. View profileA 10 million fund for building local sport facilities to encourage a more active lifestyle is now open for applications.
Grants of between 10,000 and 100,000 from the Legacy 2014 Active Places Fund are now available to help build or upgrade services such as new bike or skate parks, outdoor adventure areas or walking routes.
The money forms part of the Scottish Government’s Commonwealth Games Legacy 2014 programme which aims to give communities across Scotland more and better places to be active.
Sport Minister Shona Robison said: « The Commonwealth Games will be the biggest multi sports event Scotland has ever hosted and provides a unique opportunity to create a positive and lasting legacy for Scotland.
« The Legacy 2014 Active Places Fund will help communities across Scotland improve their facilities and will appeal to Scots young and old to get more active. I want as many people as possible to benefit and to be inspired by the Commonwealth Games to adopt healthier, more active lives.
« Of course, a lasting legacy from the Games is not just about getting more people active. It’s also about creating a stronger Scotland in terms of our economy, culture and community. We want to see Scottish business win contracts and prosper, young people gain jobs and experience, our international reputation enhanced and our communities celebrating the Games. »
The 20th Commonwealth Games are on in Glasgow from July 23 to August 3, 2014 and the new funding aims to get Scots more active before the event.
Ms Robison met organisations, businesses and ambassadors already involved in delivering legacy programmes at a launch event at the refurbished Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh.
Olympic and Commonwealth swimmer David Wilkie, who attended the launch, said: « Having taken part in the Commonwealth Games in 1970 on home turf, I can honestly say the impact of such a huge event happening in Scotland cannot be underestimated. This is a really exciting time for sport and I personally believe the Games coming to Glasgow in 2014 will have wide reaching benefits for the country as a whole.
« The Royal Commonwealth Pool is just one example of the type of sporting facility that such major events bring. Opened in 1970, it will be used again as a diving venue in 2014, and many families and sporting enthusiasts have benefited from having such a world class facility on their doorstep.
« This is a real example of a lasting legacy and I hope people are inspired and, more importantly, get involved with the opportunities being created as a result of the Games coming to Scotland. »
National agency sportscotland is managing the fund and application forms are available on its website. The first round of applications should be submitted by February 1.
The Scottish Government has also established a Legacy 2014 Young Persons’ Fund of 5 million which it said will give up to 2500 young people the opportunity to gain employment and experience in the major events Scotland will host in wholesale nfl jerseys the years to come.
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