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The best details about negotiations, particularly in sports, often come well after everything has been settled. Such is the case with the Joe Mauer contract extension, an eight year deal reached just prior to the 2010 season that kicked into effect in 2011.
According to new details of the negotations, addressed at length in agent Ron Shapiro upcoming book and chronicled to some degree by Forbes Shapiro believed Mauer would be worth 10 years and $300 million on the open market.
The Twins initial offer was for $16 $18 million per year; Shapiro was for $27 million per year. The total money initially was $90 million from the Twins and $243 million From wholesale jerseys Shapiro.
The 8 year, $184 million deal eventually agreed upon was $23 million per year (closer to Shapiro number by $3 $1 million), as was the total money ($59 million from Shapiro first pitch vs. $94 million from the Twins initial pitch).
In the end, both sides must have been satisfied. Per Forbes:
While the competing offers appear to display a distant gap, that did not halt continuing negotiations and an eventual deal between the parties. In the book, Shapiro takes the reader through The Three Ds the drafting of scripts justifying Mauer position, the role of the Devil Advocate constantly revising the words to be used to justify the ask and finally the delivery of the message.
Eventually the media became embroiled in the pending negotiations and had the unfortunate effect of complicating things for Mauer and the Twins. more confidential negotiations are, the better chance you have succeeding, said Shapiro to FORBES. to the fan base is unnecessary, and in fact, you can raise yourself in the esteem of the fan base by not playing games with the club. reading all this, we can help but wonder particularly in light of Mauer recent position switch to first base what the perception would be if Shapiro had snagged a $300 million deal with another club or got everything he wanted with the Twins . or conversely, how a 5 year deal vs. the 8 year deal ultimately signed might be viewed by Twins fans.NEW YORK (AP) A rally that drove major stock indexes up 7 percent this week stalled Thursday. Stock indexes ended slightly lower, a day after the market posted its biggest gain in two and a half years.
Goldman Sachs and other banks, the previous day’s star performers, gave up some of their gains. Costco, Nordstrom and other retailers rose after reporting stronger sales for November.
The Dow Jones industrial average fell 25.65 points, or 0.2 percent, to close at 12,020.03. Travelers Cos. Inc. lost 2.2 percent, the biggest drop of the Dow’s 30 stocks.
The Dow soared 490 points Wednesday, its seventh best gain on record, on news that central banks around the world slashed the cost of borrowing in order to shore up European banks and avert a deeper credit crisis in the region.
Another rise in applications for weekly unemployment benefits dampened the mood Thursday. The Labor Department said initial applications rose to 402,000 last week, the second weekly increase in a row. The figures didn’t change expectations for the government’s monthly labor report, which comes out today. Economists forecast that the unemployment rate will remain at 9 percent.
The S 500 index slipped 2.37, or 0.2 percent, to 1,244.59. The Nasdaq inched up 5.86, or 0.2 percent, to 2,626.
Investors often turn cautious following giant leaps, said Sam Stovall, chief equity strategist at S Capital IQ. The Dow shot up 813 points in the first three days of the week as fears ebbed that Europe’s debt crisis would turn into a global panic. The rally got started Monday with news that a record number of shoppers went to stores over the Thanksgiving weekend.
Special : Guide to Jefferson City Active Times Chamber Today Magazine Marry Me 2012 Bridal Guide Health Features: Food Home Improvement Lawn and GardenNews Employment Marketplace Obituaries Merchandise Rummage Sales »Who’s a big, cranky rapper? You are! Yes you are! »
There’s real danger here, because he has the same « Aw, he’s adorable! » factor with the housewives that made Kriss Kross mainstream, without the horrified moment when they realized the Kriss Kross kids were calling themselves « Mack Daddy » (which literally meant they were claiming to be 12 year old pimps). In a couple of years this kid could have a merchandising empire that dwarfs Hanna Montanna.
Whatever happened to all of kiddie rapper acts, anyway? We’re kind of shocked that none of them have their own reality TV show, following their sad lives as they prepare for a revival tour, using their old material. Cue uncomfortable scenes of re learning lyrics about playgrounds, juxtaposed with one rapper getting high and trying to round up three hookers for a fourgy. Really cheap, filthy hookers.
That, or none wanted to share the feel good spotlight with 50 other stars. They all needed their moment, man.
No, the closest we got was Come Together Now, a « supergroup » formed by the likes of quickly forgotten American Idol Ruben Studdard and Celine Dion. Even though it was dedicated to both the 2004 Tsunami disaster and Hurricane Katrina, it never got higher than 13 on the charts.
Still, with events like Live Earth and no shortage of horrors in the world, it’s just a matter of time until the track, « You Know, In Some Parts of the World Ten Year Olds Are Sold as Sex Slaves, For Old Western Men to Sodomize Them, And Babies Get Shot in The Eye Like it’s No Big Thing. It’s So Messed Up, Man » will hit the charts, featuring the vocal stylings of Will Smith, R Kelly, Lionel Richie and a cast of dozens of other celebrities eager to promote new films and albums.
It was a simpler time, friends. No1 askd if u wantd 2 4get ur trbls n b happy. Words were words, numbers were numbers, and they didn’t mix. Except on license plates.
Then came Prince, who managed to call a song Nothing Compares 2 U, back in 1985 long before he had text messaging as an excuse.
Perhaps thanks to him, some record company execs thought the very definition of « hip », « urban » and « now » was to throw a number in the group’s name. Thus we got All 4 One, Boys II Men, etc. Just look at the number hiding in there, parading around like a low rent transsexual, drunk on a Wednesday night with a new weave to ensure s/he totally passes for a girl.
Yes, we think numbers are shemale whores and we’ll have words with any man who disagrees.
UB40, 112, 3T, All 4 One, Boys II Men, MN8Sure you’ve got acts like Maroon 5, Zero 7, Day 26, Matchbox 20 these days. But there the numbers serve as numbers, instead of hip replacements for real words.
But we still think these guys are a bunch of tools.
No, the real danger will be in a few years when the Texting generation grows up (that is, the kids who learned to text before they learned to read). This is when we’ll see the 1337 pop groups. Perhaps a girl group called Cr4zii B4b3z? Or a Christian Rock act called J3sus’ So1d3rs? Or a DJ act named 411 Ur B34tz R B310ng 2 Us?
Here they come, guys. Trust us. Here they fucking come.
The 80s were a good time to be a man who loved makeup, hair spray, peroxide, bright pink spandex and, somehow, women. These bands sang about being badass rockers and left lipstick on the microphone. They did it without an ounce of irony or parody.
Science is baffled to this day.
The Darkness tried. Really hard, in fact. And you can still find the odd act here and there paying homage to that more simpler time.
But we really do seem safe from a full on comeback. This is a more jaded time. cheesy sexual innuendo, doesn’t play now.
This is the era of internet porn. We’re not going to scare Mom and Dad with suggestively titled albums like Open Up and Say. Ahh (Poison), Cherry Pie (Warrant) and Girls, Girls, Girls (Motley Crue). And that’s what those acts were all about, a rebellion against the conservative Reagan 80s, thrusting their zebra skin, spandexed crotches in the camera, knowing every cry of outrage would sell another ten thousand albums.
So what are they going to do to get that same reaction now? Show up in rouge, leopard print leggings and teased hair, posing for the cover of their CD, Defecate Over a Glass Coffee Table as I Relax Below and Open Up And Say ‘Ooh Uncle Kevin, Penetrate Me in My Vagina Hole Whilst Wearing a Blue Power Rangers Costume’?
Don’t confuse this with the one above (a glammed up Brett Michaels actually made a pretty good looking chick, whether you admit it or not). We’re talking about the transvestites. The gender bending guy who comes around, blurring the line between sexes and thus winding up as the worst of both worlds.
Boy George, Marilyn (the Poor Man’s Boy George from the 80s) Marilyn Manson (the Scary Man’s Boy George).
Boy George, and some other dude dressed as a chick.
If you’re still not wholesale nfl jerseys clear on why we’re so intent on stopping this from coming back, meet Aziz.
He’s a Bulgarian pop star who is so huge in his native country that he represented them in Eurovision (sort of the European version of American Idol, with singers from several countries).
As you can see, this new generation of cross dressers are extraordinarily lazy. He didn’t bother to shave the goatee, or even tape down his junk. Quite frankly, if he doesn’t care about his craft, why should we?
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