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Our expertise

  • More than 20 years in H2 expertise

  • Very long duration tests : 24h/day, 7 days/week, thousands of hours

  • Cold start and temperature cycling tests

  • Advanced characterization in extreme range of operating conditions

  • Impedance Spectroscopy at high voltage and current

  • Ageing on real and accelerated dynamic cycles

Our testing capabilities

  • PEMFC stack tests from 500W to 120kW

  • FC system tests up to 160kW

  • SOFC cell and stack test up to 1kW

  • PEM electrolyzer stack and system test

  • H2 storage test (partnership with ISTHY test center)

  • Connected or off-grid H2 power supply solution test

  • H2 powertrain test for mobility

  • ATEX climatic chambers up to 3m3

  • Vibrating and climatic test bench compatible with H2 use :

    • 6Hz to 25kHz, 75G, 35600N
    • -45/+120°C, 0 – 100% HR

Hydrogen energy plateform

600m² dedicated to H2 systems tests

  • 8 test rooms

  • Fully secured for advanced H2 testing

  • Temperature and hygrometry control

  • Gas supply facilities (Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, mixed gas…)

  • Quality standards: ISO 9001, 14001, 45001

Facilities funding