On April 6, 2023, 15 members of the CBL – COMPAGNIE BELFORT LOISIRS visited FCLAB. The activities of the support and research unit were presented by Prof. David Bouquain, Deputy Director of FCLAB, and Daniela Chrenko, Head of the UTBM Energy Master’s Degree by an introductory presentation on the research and the innovation activities in the field of hydrogen system integration.
The presentation was followed by a visit of the experimental facilities.

Hydrogen is considered an « energy vector » because it offers the possibility to be stored, transported and used after being produced.

A report of the visit written by the participants is available on

👉 Compte rendu (4928) | Compagnie Belfort Loisirs (cbl-belfort.com)

The visit of the CBL at the FCLAB is part of the general public knowledge transfer and will be reconducted on a regular basis.