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Your contacts:


  • Laurence Mary -, office F113, 1st floor

Tel: 03 84 58 36 00

  • Silviya Nikolova -, office F112, 1st floor

Tel: 03 84 58 36 02


  • Sophie Granon –

Tel: 03 81 66 64 98

  • Bruno Riccio – or

office F105, 1st floor

Tel: 03 84 58 36 43

  • Laurence Mary –, office F113, 1st floor

Phone: 03 84 58 36 00

Prevention Assistant

  • Xavier François –, office F 005, ground floor

Phone: 03 84 58 36 39

The Hydrogen Energy platform situated in building F of the UTBM welcomes staff from different supervisory bodies and research laboratories (UTBM, UFC, UBFC, CNRS, Gustave Eiffel University, H2SYS, etc.).

The information below provides you with the main practical details.

Any new arrival of a person hosted within the Hydrogène Energie platform  must complete a hosting request procedure.

This request should be initiated in consultation with the administrators of the unit using the Camunda TaskList tool, a dematerialized process (apart from the UTBM PhD students who need to contact Caroline Delamarche for their registration).

Once the hosting procedure has been validated (the processing time can take up to two months following the classification of the building in a zone with a restrictive regime – ZRR) the person will be welcomed at the secretariat and will be given an office key as well as an access badge and a mail box.

The project supervisor must first ensure that a place and a PC are available with the administrators before starting the hosting request.

The person hosted on the platform will be given a booklet of the rules of procedures in force within the platform and a questionnaire attesting the taking into consideration of the means available and the safety rules to be followed will then be sent to him.

Anyone leaving the Hydrogène Energie platform at the end of their contract (stay) must return the items entrusted to them (key, access badge, computer equipment, data and work perfomed etc.).

Access times are as follows:

Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Any external person must identify themselves in the visitor register - QRcode to flash at the entrance of the building - and must under no circumstances be left alone! Wearing a visible professional badge is recommended in the building.

Two closing periods should be noted:

- Christmas holidays (15 days)

- Summer holidays (3 weeks)

Private parking for the building is accessible 24 hours a day except during vacation periods, for platform staff with an access badge.

For security reasons, drivers must reverse into the allotted parking spaces. Accessible parking for people with disabilities, as well as parking spaces for electric vehicles are provided. Please respect the intended use of these spaces.

User ID is assigned once the hosting request has been definitively validated.

You can then connect to My space, select "My UTBM Profile"

For FEMTO-ST personnel, the activation of their FEMTO-ST IT account will also be necessary to access the services linked to this structure.

Contact Isabelle Christen -Tél. : 03 84 57 82 00.

In the event of a problem (connection problem, emails), a ticket can be created in the UTBM space (IT assistance):

Once the IT account has been activated, the new arrival must activate their Izly account (to be able to use the printers in the building) as follows:

A personalized access badge will be given at the reception of the building once the hosting application has been validated, this badge will thus allow access to the platform.

A photo ID will be requested beforehand.

Any business trip, regardless of its supervisory establishment, must be the subject of a mission order before travelling.

Upon return from the mission, a statement of expenses must also be completed, a document which must be accompanied by original supporting documents related to the mission (for more details and the related documents go to "Missions" section).

Any purchase must first be the subject of a request for a quote and an order form which will identify the financial support with the manager concerned (please follow the procedure in the "Purchases" section).

Similarly, any absence request must receive the prior approval of the line manager and be the subject of an absence form to be completed and signed.

Travel Mission manuals and forms (UFC, UTBM, UBFC, CNRS, ENS2M, ED SPIM) available here

You can also find the mission manuals and forms on the Femto ST intranet (with your Femto ST username and password):

Find below the new expenditure chain procedure:

There are 4 supervisory bodies at FEMTO ST : UFC, CNRS, UTBM and UBFC.
Please find the purchase procedure to follow :
- make a Purchase Request
- make a ticket for all requests (purchase orders, missions, balance sheets)
- attach a signed quotation, commercial offer, or an "online basket" for all your orders.Here is the link to make your tickets for the entire Energy Department of FEMTO-ST :

then "GESTION"

For your leave and absence - UFC, UBFC, CNRS, ENSMM employees:

on the Femto ST intranet - Règlement Intérieur

For UTBM employees:

Mon espace UTBM - Mes applis - GÉRER MES CONGÉS

Professional mail can be deposited directly in the outgoing mail locker located in the dedicated space.

Personal mail must already be franked.

Mail reception and departure: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays.

Location: UTBM reception – building I.

Correspondence should be addressed to the following mailing address:

UTBM – mention of the service or laboratory – name of the person – postal code of the hosting establishment: 90010 – City: BELFORT Cedex

Conventional parcels are received at the reception of the Belfort site, building I from Monday to Friday during working hours from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

A message is sent by the reception agent to inform the recipient of the receipt of a package.

For bulky goods, the carrier may be given the geographical address of building F: Platform Pile à Combustible - 2 rue Edouard Belin - 90000 BELFORT

Any delivery of dangerous goods must be prepared with the building's Prevention Assistant, Xavier François, or with the Prevention Advisor of the host establishment, Virginie Breuillard, in order to guarantee the safety of operations.

The simplified security protocol INSHSE022 must be signed by any delivery person required to carry out an operation requiring heavy handling and a long presence on site.

The document is in a pocket posted on the board at the entrance hall (parking side).

The F206 meeting room on the 2nd floor is available to all staff and can accommodate around twenty people in meeting mode and up to 50 people in conference mode. This room is equipped with a video projector and an audio conference station.

Two small meeting rooms are also available - F249 and F250 with a maximum capacity of 8 people.

Keys can be collected from Laurence or Silviya from the secretariat.

Room reservations are possible directly in the agenda of your UTBM messaging service by indicating F206, F249 or F250 in "Place" when creating a new appointment (the document explaining the procedure is available here).

After each meeting the keys must be returned to the secretariat.

Documents relating to quality, research, services, and management of equipment etc., can be found in the document system hosted on the FEMTO-ST cloud.

Access may be requested by contacting the Head of Quality Control Emmanuelle Arcens

To arrange use of equipment (e.g. electronic load, thermal chamber, etc) or a fuel cell test bench, use the reservation system at the address:

To access the planning, you must activate your FEMTO-ST account if you are a member of this laboratory or request the rights from FCLAB management if this is not the case.

Click here  for the procedure of reservating material resources

and go to  to start your reservation.

For questions regarding the reservation procedure contact Violaine Hell :

In case of more specific questions, your contacts are available.