Discover the short course by Dr. Julia Mainka – an associate professor at the University of Lorraine (UL) and at the laboratory of Energy and Applied and Theoretical Mechanics (LEMTA):

Impedance Modelling of Electrochemical Systems – application to PEM fuel cells and supercapacitors short course 

Presentation overview:

The seminary focuses on the modelling of electrochemical devices such as PEM fuel cells and supercapacitors (SCs) and on their characterization using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). Impedance modelling is done under the form of equivalent electrical circuits (EECs) in which the individual elements (resistors, capacitances, etc) represent the main physico-chemical phenomena at the material scale underlying the electrical output.
The lecture introduces EIS being one of the main characterization techniques used by the HSE group as it allows in-situ characterization without significant impact on the operation of the analysed system. Some application examples of EIS characterization of PEMFCs and SCs are then presented and discussed in terms of performance and ageing during operation.

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